From the coastline to the mountains, these five trails are great areas to explore in order to escape the summer heat.

Five San Diego Hikes To Beat The Summer Heat

Southern California is no stranger to prolonged droughts and long lengthy summers. Green hills and spring flowers are often short-lived for anywhere west of the mountains. The beautiful inland hikes through the foothills and valleys are usually too hot to venture out in the hot summer heat.

One good place to escape the heat are trails near the coastline. The cooler Pacific Ocean with its sea breezes helps to keep the coastline from getting to the same scorching temperatures inland. Another option is to head inland to the mountains. There the higher elevation will make a morning hike more feasible with cooler temperatures. These five trails will give hikers options of hiking outside during the summer in San Diego County.

Torrey Pines Hiking Trail Guide, San Diego,

1. Torrey Pines State Beach

No summer time hike would be complete without exploring the coastal trails along Torrey Pines. These trails are popular amongst San Diegans and tourists. Several miles of trails wind through one of a kind pine trees, chaparral covered coastal bluffs, and white sand beaches.

Cabrillo Coastal Trial, San Diego hikes

2. Cabrillo Coastal Trail

Explore some of the views that Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo saw in 1542 when he first sailed into San Diego Bay. The trails in Cabrillo National Monument feature sights overlooking the City of San Diego. One can also meander along some of the tide pools of Point Loma.

3. Los Penasquitos Canyon

There’s not too many places near the City of San Diego that feature a year round creek. While not as fast flowing as the winter months, the year round water can bring frequent wildlife sightings. Oak groves along the canyon also bring some much needed shade from the summer sun.

Lake Calavera, Calavera Nature Preserve, Calavera Trail, Carlsbad, San Diego

4. Calavera Volcano

For the people in North County, the City of Carlsbad has a great option. Calavera Preserve featuers just one of three extinct volcanoes in Southern California as well as a Solar System walk and a small lake. The short trails and frequent marine layer make for a good morning or evening hike.

Boucher Trail and Palomar Mountain Loop

5. Palomar Mountain

Palomar Mountain is a unique area to San Diego. The mountain range receives as much rainfall as some areas of the southern Sierra Nevada range. The elevation is a hikers delight featuring cooler temperatures, ponds, and towering pines for shade.

Before heading out to the trails, it’s always a good idea to check the weather to avoid days with excessively hot temperatures. Some trails also close down for certain months during the summer. Always be prepared by planning properly. Are there other summer San Diego hikes you’d like to recommend? Leave a mention in the comments below.