Lake Calavera and Volcano Hiking Trail

Lake Calavera and Volcano Hiking Trail
Lake Calavera is a moderate to heavily trafficked hiking trail located in Carlsbad, California.  Lake Calavera lies within the Calavera Nature Preserve and is unique in that it lies at the base of Mount Calavera which is an extinct volcano. The entire system is maintained by the City of Carlsbad and is a great place for novice to moderately experienced hikers, dog walkers, and mountain bikers.

Hiking Lake Calavera

The Calavera trail system is part of a thirteen city-owned and managed nature reserves in the City of Carlsbad. The Calavera Nature Preserve makes up a nice series of trails that feature coastal sage scrub, mixed chaparral, southern willow scrub, mulefat scrub, and freshwater marsh. Calavera Nature Preserve has four main features: Mount Calavera which is an extinct volcano (and the only one in San Diego), Lake Calavera, the Solar System Walk, and an old abandoned mining cave, if you can find it.

The first of the preserve’s features is Mount Calavera. Mount Calavera is an extinct volcano and San Diego’s only one and one of three in Southern California. The main trail system skirts around Mount Calavera but there are a series of use trails that take you right up to the top of the extinct volcano and right back down. Mount Calavera itself is dated to be around 22 million years old – so it won’t be erupting any time soon. The volcano is considered plugged by old magma which has formed a plug within the tube system to the center of the volcano. The volcano was originally formed along a hot spot between the sliding of two tectonic plates. 

Lake Calavera

Lake Calavera itself holds about 520 acres of water and is about 400 acres across. The lake is a man made reservoir with a dam along the south side of the lake. Lake Calavera is unique in that the marshlands surrounding the lake attract coastal bird species that aren’t normally found away from the coastline. Altogether the area is home to four sensitive plant species and twelve sensitive animal species. Through a series of funds, the City of Carlsbad has been doing a natural habitat restoration project to the area. I have to give the city kudos at recognizing the importance of natural vegetation. Through the restoration project the city is working on eliminating and keeping invasive plant species out and reestablishing native plants. Native plants help to attract the natural wildlife.

Trail Entrances

There are a few primary trail entrances, College Blvd. to the west, a north entrance off Tamarack Avenue, and an eastern entrance at Oak Riparian Park. These trail entrances are the most encouraged entrances. The Solar System Walk begins shortly after entering the Tamarack Avenue tralihead. The College Blvd. and Tamarack Avenue access points form a lollipop type of trail. However, there are several of other already use established trail entrances throughout the neighborhood that I’d like to discourage the use of. For the purpose of this trail guide, I’ll be focusing on the Oak Riparian Park trail entrance to Calavera Nature Preserve. Although, the trail description for the other entrance would be more or less the same.

For more information, please visit the City of Carlsbad Calavera Nature Preserve website

On A Personal Note

This is a unique trail that I really liked. What I found annoying was that there was an abundance of water/sports drink bottles that people left behind along the trail. What was equally as annoying was the amount of people that left their dog poop in the dog poop bags along the trail. This is a trail maintained by the City of Carlsbad and they provide trash cans and free dog poop bags for people, so use them! Pack it out! Please be respectful and mindful to the park rules and nature.

Have you done this trail recently? Please leave a comment about updates to the trail descriptions or trail pictures below.

  • Overall Difficulty: 25-65% 25-65%
  • Overall Views: 65% 65%
Lake Calavera Trail Quick Facts:
  • Elevation: 531 feet.Lake Calavera Trail, Calavera Nature Preserve, Carlsbad, San Diego, Hiking
  • Elevation Gain: 460 feet.
  • Estimated Distance: About 0.5-6 miles.
  • My Actual Distance: 4.6 miles.
  • Estimated Time: 1-2.5 hours.
  • My Time: 1:52 minutes. 
Lake Calavera Trail Directions:
Open in maps. There are a few different trailheads and entrances into the Calavera Trail System. One of the main entrances and the one that I focused on for this writing was through Oak Riparian Park. This trail entrance is on the eastern side of the preserve. One of the other main entrances is through Tamarack Avenue (open in maps). The Tamarack Avenue entrance puts you at the beginning of the Solar System Walk and at the south side of Lake Calavera where the dam is located. Finally, the third and other popular entrance is off of College Blvd (open in maps).

There are a couple of other trail entrances established primarily through use and through the local neighborhood. However, I’d like to discourage use of these access points as the main entrances are the preferred entrance system by the city and establishing other routes can lead to erosion. Oak Riparian Park is a small park with a decently sized parking lot. Please be respectful to the area as there is a residential neighborhood that lines Calavera Preserve.

Lake Calavera Trail Pictures:
Who Lake Calavera Trail Is For:
Novice Hikers: The trail system within Calavera Nature Preserve is perfect for novice hikers. Aside from Mount Calavera itself, there is not much elevation gain at all. This gives novice hikers an excellent opportunity for a “choose your own adventure” kind of hike. The trails all wind around with each other so a person could make this distance from a half a mile to upwards around six if someone really wanted.

For those hikers who are incredibly novice, this trail system is a great place to try some longer distance and mild elevation gains. Those people who have difficulty ascending and descending steeper terrain might have some difficulty with coming up or down Mount Calavera but it’s pretty manageable.  I’ve read a few things mentioning that trekking poles are needed to help get up or down the volcano but I don’t think they’re needed. If you want them that bad, bring them along.

Advanced Hikers: For advanced hikers, this iconic extinct volcano is a fun hike to spend a few hours in the morning. The shorter trails won’t be much of a challenge nor will the elevation of Mount Calavera, but the views are nice.

Expert Hikers: Same.

It’s always a good idea to be aware of what type of hiking level you’re at.

Best Time Of Year To Hike Lake Calavera:
Lake Calavera Trail Conditions:

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