It’s no secret that spending time in nature increases happiness, reduces depression, fosters creativity, and increases the general state of wellbeing. Unfortunately, wildfires, deforestation, and human encroachment are damaging many of these fragile ecosystems. There are however, several ways to give back to the environment. If you are a nature lover, here are some of the best ways to donate money that includes tree planting to fire restoration programs to National Park Services.

Seven Environmental Organizations Worthy of Donating To

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The National Park Foundation

Personally speaking, my wife and I love our country’s National Parks. The National Park Foundation is the official charitable partner of the National Park Service. If this nation’s famous landmarks and parks are your jam, this is an excellent organization to give to that helps to protect them.

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Surfrider Foundation

If rocky coastlines, sand beaches, oceans, or enjoying the waves is your playground, consider the Surfrider Foundation. The Surfrider Foundation is composed of legal, environmental, and scientific experts aimed at protecting the ocean. In addition to fighting legal battles, the foundation also organizes beach cleanups. A notable legal challenge won in Southern California included the halting of a new freeway. The new freeway would have developed the only open coastline between San Diego and Orange County.

Sierra Club

One of the Sierra Club’s first and founding members was the well known John Muir. Originally the goal of the organization was aimed at protecting the natural and unique beautify of the Sierra Nevada in California. Since then the Sierra Club has ballooned into a global organization. Their impact is not only environmental preservation but they aim to drive policy in government as well.

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The Trees Remember

Love the trees? The Trees Remember is a non-profit organization with the goal of reforestation. For every dollar donated, the organization plants one tree. Donations are pooled to make a large impact, trees are maintained and monitored, and reports on local impact are generated.

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Honor A Loved One

Through The Trees Remember organization, you can donate a tree in honor or in memory of a loved one. Or you can donate to have trees planted simply because you love trees. The organization partners with non-profit habitat restoration groups. For example, you can donate to specific regions ravaged by wildfire in California. What I like about this group is that all donations come with a card with a personal message and a memorial tree charm.

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National Forest Foundation

Initially charted by Congress, the National Forest Foundation is aimed strictly at protecting this country’s National Forest System. Donations help with maintaining and restoring forests and grasslands. Their current goal is to plant fifty million trees. A donation of $25 or more gets a subscription to Your National Forests Magazine.

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California State Park System

There’s more to nature than just National Forests and famous monuments. Here in California there are a plethora of state parks to enjoy time in. Locate your own state park to donate to or there’s the California State Parks Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit looking to ensure the long-term sustainability of California’s State Parks.

Things To Consider When Finding An Oganization To Donate To

  • You don’t need to donate money in order to give to a specific organization. Many non-profit organizations also organize trail or beach cleanups. If a group gathering isn’t your thing, pick one of your favorite trails, bring a trash bag, and pick up some trash as you go.
  • Find an organization that you’re passionate about. Giving to a cause that you feel strongly about will make the donating feel even more rewarding.
  • Know your organizations political stances. Some environmental non-profit organizations may give money to certain causes that go against your core beliefs.

There are many ways to find an organization. If some of these organizations don’t sound interesting to you, start with a Google search of some environmental organizations in your area.