A significant portion of the country is under “shelter-in-place orders.” Many governing agencies are limiting how far a person can travel outside their area of residence. With that comes the closure of hiking trails and outdoor public recreation areas. Let’s face it, these “shelter-in-place” orders suck but there are some things you can do in the meantime to keep from going crazy.

Seven Things Hiker’s Can Do During “Shelter-In-Place” Orders

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Write Your Local Officials

There are going to be a significant amount of people who disagree with me here, but write or call your local official or attend an in person protest. Some of these lockdowns represent draconian measures that infringe on on the Bill Of Rights. There’s no reason that surfers need to be arrested or that isolated trails need to be closed.

Read A Book

If you’re a nature lover looking for a fix pick up a good book. There are actually plenty of options out there. Try an autobiography such as Wild which is the story of one woman’s journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. If National Parks are your thing, try the book titled Yosemite by Kate Ogden. This book highlights some of the fascinating history of one of America’s most popular national park.

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Play A Game

When the shelter-in-place mandates first started coming out, board games were one of the hottest commodities. Try a board game, card game, or some other type of game. UNO is a favorite for my wife and I.

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Plan A Trip

There’s going to be a time when fear doesn’t dictate our lives. Nobody seems to have an answer as when that time will be but it will come. If you have the financial means, think about planning a trip at some point in the future. There are some great travel deals.

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Get Creative

For me, there’s only so much Netflix that I can watch before my mind starts to feel like Jell-O. Take the down time to get better at something you’ve always wanted to do. If photography is your thing, get creative around the house with light textures and familiar objects. Another option is to get caught up on some hiking articles you may have missed.

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Start A Garden

In most places (maybe except for Michigan), outdoor stores are still considered essential businesses. Take the time to start a garden. Spending time outdoors will help boost mood and natural vitamin D production. Those with patios can also do gardening on a smaller scale. The time spent outside will help give a feeling that you didn’t sit inside all day long.

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Try A Home Workout

Athletic clubs and gyms very well may become a thing of the past after this pandemic is over. The threat of many gyms going out of business is high. Think of ways to get in some type of home workout. Exercise not only boosts mood but helps to strengthen the immune system.

The key to helping time pass is to keep occupied. COVID-19 can be a deadly virus but what also can’t be overlooked is the mental health of millions of people. Try your best to keep up with some healthy habits. These healthy activities can help boost mood, strengthen your immune system, and break up the monotony of the shelter-in-place orders. We’ll get outside soon.