In light of the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, how is a great time to consider hiking. Aside from curing the itch to get out of the house, there are several benefits to getting outside for a hike during this Coronavirus outbreak.

Why Hiking Is A Good Option During Corona Virus

The current Coronavirus currently has a lot of people on edge. It’s easy to understand why. What we know about the virus so far is that it’s highly transmissible. As evidenced by Italy where there’s a high percentage of elderly, there’s also a high mortality rate among that age group. Many states and counties across the United States are currently under a “Shelter In Place” order many gyms and fitness centers are closed for business. This near lockdown, is leaving many health enthusiasts wondering what they can do in order to stay healthy. Hiking is a perfect option – here’s why.

The Air Inside Your Home Is Worse Than The Air Outside

Honestly, the air inside your home is much dirtier than the air out on a trail. The air packed in your home is likely packed full of dust. Many of the surfaces inside your home contain bacteria or viruses. Stepping outside your place of residence to get some fresh air will do wonders for your sinuses and lungs.

Sunlight Boosts Natural Vitamin D Production

It’s well documented that natural sunlight boosts the body’s ability to produce vitamin D. You can search the topic for yourself on Google. Vitamin D assists with the body’s ability to develop a stronger immune system. There’s no better time than now to boost the body’s production of natural vitamin D.

Exercise Is Key To Having A Stronger Immune System

Also well documented, frequent exercise helps to support a healthy immune system. As for Coronavirus, there’s no current cure or significant medical treatment. Treatments are being tried but there hasn’t been any wide spread success yet. For hospitalized patients, this is leaving many people to fight SARS-CoV-2 with their own immune system. Staying active is essential to helping to support your own immune system.

Nature Boosts Your Own Mental Health

The effects of exercise and spending nature in relation to mental health have also been well studied. In general, those who spend time in nature and also exercise, are happier, have less worries, and have lower rates of depression. Unhappiness leads to increased stress inside the body. Stress hormones suppress the body’s immune system and ability to ward off and fight infection.

Important Tips For Hiking During The Coronavirus Outbreak

There’s no question about it, there is plenty of stress going around in regards to the Coronavirus outbreak. Anxiety is running high with so much uncertainty, the constant media coverage, Shelter In Place mandates, and possible financial ruin. Before stepping outside, there are some things to take into consideration before going for a hike.

  • Some States, Counties, and Cities have closed their managed trails. Please check what trail you’re going to be hiking before leaving as trail access and parking might be closed.
  • Opt to choose the less crowded and less popular trails. Many people are out of work and heading to the most popular hiking trails. This in turn is leading to trail closures.
  • Remember to practice social distancing. Droplets from coughs and sneezes typically travel within a six foot radius. Popular trails are likely to have more people.

It’s Safe To Hike During The Cornavirus Outbreak

Remember, physical activity is good. Staying cooped up inside and in solitude is not. If hiking is an option for you, now is a great time to consider going on a hike if your regular fitness center is closed. While out hiking, please remember to observe social distancing and practice Leave No Trace principles.