The 2018 Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge encourages hikers to hike some of the tallest peaks in Southern California.

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Back in the beginning of the year I was told about what I think is a pretty cool hiking challenge: the Southern California Six Pack Of Peaks. I was instantly drawn to this challenge for several reasons:

  • The urban sprawl of Southern California is everywhere and getting into nature is a nice escape.
  • Despite the urban landscape of Southern California, we actually have some pretty amazing mountains – often snowcapped during the winter, with pine forests, and no shortage of wildlife (by Southern California standards)

What Is The Six Pack Of Peaks Challenge

The Six Pack Of Peaks Challenge was started by one of the folks over at Social Hiker as part as a training regimen for hiking the John Muir Trail.  The challenge has been going on for several years now and in addition to Southern California has challenges in the Colorado Rockies, Central Oregon, and Northern California.

2018 So Cal Six Pack Of Peaks Challenge Update

Originally, the Six Pack of Peaks Challenge only listed six peaks to hike with two included for alternative hikes (see original challenge below). About midway through the year, the creator of the challenge added more peaks to the challenge (albeit forgetting about San Diego completely). In addition to the peaks below, the challenge also includes these additional peaks to make up twelve peaks total:

  • Sitton Peak
  • Mount Pinos
  • Strawberry Peak
  • Santiago Peak

Now people can pick any of these mentioned peaks to complete the challenge.

Original Southern California Six Peak Challenge

The 2018 Southern California Six Pack Of Peaks Challenge includes some of the six tallest peaks of Southern California:

The Southern California Six Pack of Peaks was initially started as a way for people to prepare to do the John Muir trail or hike Mount Whitney.

My goal: to complete the challenge within the year. However, some people are trying to complete the peaks as soon as possible. But you can set your own goals.

My Six Pack Peak Challenge Thoughts

I’m incredibly excited to get started on the challenge. Back in January my girlfriend and I decided to do one of the alternate peaks (Mount Baden-Powell) as a test run. The view from Baden-Powell was incredible. It was the first time I hiked a peak over 9,000 feet in Southern California and I learned quite a bit  about how I need to prepare for the rest of the hiking challenges. Southern California is home to some amazing peaks and I can’t wait to get started!

 For more information on the Six Pack Of Peaks, search #sixpackofpeaks on Instagram of visit their website: