Kilauea Lava Ooze




For those that have never experienced going to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, I highly recommend putting this place on a list of places to go. The national park is like no other place that I’ve ever visited. Portions of the park resemble your typical lush Hawaiian jungle while other parts look like parts of the moon. I shot this picture as part of a hike to the 61g Kilauea Lava Flow. The hike was incrediblgrueling. The trail was twelve miles through ankle twisting terrain during a torrential rainstorm on much of an unmarked path. The reward was a field of fresh molten lava being pumped down the mountain towards the coast.

What I loved most about this hike was how unregulated it was. You could literally be standing on some of the newest rock on earth. Some places the rock was no more than a few miles old. The heat from the lava field was almost unbearable at times as the local trade winds would blow oven like temperatures across your face and body. I spent quite a long time admiring the natural raw beauty that this place offered. The way the lava oozes is somewhat magical. I loved the way the bright colors showed through in this picture. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did taking it.

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