Why I Started This Blog

My name is Matt and I’m a simple hiker. I grew up in Hawaii and currently live near the coast in San Diego. Naturally, I love nature and getting outside. Surfing is a huge part of my life but there is something to be said about being on a hike, away from people, and seeing the true beauty that this world has to offer. I started this blog as an outlet to share my journey and the incredible things I come across with other people.

I’m a Simple Hiker that loves enjoying the views of nature and capturing what I can with my camera. Using my medical background, check out some of my hiking tips. My tips on poison oak, rattlesnakes, or hypothermia may come in handy one day. You can also use the Hike Finder feature on this site to read about trails that I’ve been on to get my point of view. Check out my Instagram to peruse some of the beauty that I’ve captured. If social media isn’t quite your thing, you can view some of my pictures hereThis blog is for simple hikers like me that are thirsty for more adventure.

Check out some of my favorite hikes: 

Write For This Blog

I'm always curious about the reasons behind why people hike. If you'd like to share a cool hike that you've done or the story behind how you got into hiking, I'd love to hear about it.
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